brian_finalPeople can be so competitive can’t they?

Some always shoving to be first in line.

People who want to be right, every single time.

These firsts can be pretty lonely.

The firsts that really matter

Who was the first person you thought of this morning? Was it someone who upsets you, or someone you love?

Your first thought of the day sets the tone of the day. Are you moving forward or holding back?

You see, winning in life isn’t about being first overall.

Winning in life begins with the first things you do each day, every day. Not yesterday.

For someone else today your words could be the first they hear. Will they be caring or critical?

Your smile may be the first another person sees today, and may end up meaning as much to them as the sunrise.

I didn’t invent the world, I wasn’t the first person to walk upon it, but I can work to make it better.

I wasn’t the first in line, but I can be kind to the others who form the line with me.

I wasn’t the first to feel love, but I can make sure those who are loved by me know it.

When it comes to doing what it takes to create the life you want, the first step will always be yours.

Thanks for being you.


Brian R King

As a cancer survivor, adult with Dyslexia, A.D.D., the father of three sons on the autism spectrum as well as someone who lives on the autism spectrum myself, I’ve learned something very critical. That success in life has nothing to do with circumstances but everything to do with strategies.

I’ve learned that Fear and Excitement are the same feeling, the difference being whether you decide the feeling means that “I can’t” or that “I’m ready!”

I’ve become a master of turning Problems into Possibilities and Obstacles into Opportunities and I’ve learned to teach my clients to do the same thing using what I refer to as “The Effective Factor.” A laser focused ability to make small shifts that create massive results in every area of your life.

I look forward to serving you,

Brian R. King LCSW


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