We couldn’t have reached here without people like you. The response towards the support in donations to make the welfare of the Orphans at our Children’s Home and we want to wish you an excellent New Year 2019.

We are Dream Children’s Home, a charity organization registered in Kenya since 2005 we have been taking care of the children were suffering after being abandoned by their parents due to alcoholism and poverty and orphans who were left destitute after the death of their parents. You can read more of our story from our website https://www.dreamchildrenhome.org/

Our home has now grown to have 287 children in total and we have been having challenges to accommodate more children, that’s the reason we purchased land and we want to build a hostel that will accommodate more. The cost for putting up a 4-floor hostel with 75 rooms is approximately $100,000

Whatever amount you are going to assist us with is going to make a big difference towards a child’s wellbeing. With all the gratitude I believe you are going to be touched after reading from where we began up to where we have reached and you will consider supporting a child who does not have someone to call Dad or Mum

CLICK HERE TO DONATE and feel free to share our crowdfunding campaign to kind people like you. We know we can achieve this.

Thank you from all of us at Dream Children’s Home

“Orphans are the only ones who get to choose their fathers, and they love them twice as much.”

― Adam Johnson, The Orphan Master’s Son

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