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The bigger your goals, the tougher it will be to achieve them.

And while you already know that in your head, you’re going to forget that along the way.

When things get tough — and you’re not sure you can make it any further — you start interpreting the obstacles in your way as warning signs that what you’re doing isn’t working.

That what you want to achieve isn’t worth it.

You forget that tough goals take tough people. You forget that big dreams demand big heart.

Anything worth doing is worth doing even when it’s tough to do it.

Average living doesn’t require struggle. Ordinary ideas don’t demand sacrifice.

If you’re in pain and scared you’re not going to be able to make it this time, that’s a sign that you’re engaged in an all-star quest for awesomeness.

You’re not weaker than you should be.

You’re not making more mistakes then you should be.

There isn’t anything you’re missing that everyone else has.

You’re trying to change the world. And that’s no easy mission. It costs you everything.

Struggle on. Keep going. Make each moment you get matter.

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