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What if your voice really does matter?

And you set the tone for your Community?

by Ke Kai Kealoha

Whether we want to admit it, what we say really does matter. Where to start? Let’s first clarify the inter-connectedness between you and your community.  I think at some point we’ve either heard or experienced the saying, “The image (or reflection) of the team, company, small business is that of its leader.” Yes?

As the leader, CEO, or small business owner, you, especially your messaging, in big and small ways affect the way your community (tribe) performs. Why?  As their leader, your actions, your words impact how your community relates to you. And whether you acknowledge the ripple effect, it impacts how they relate to their superiors, co-workers, underlings and customers.

Set the Tone

To be direct, you set the tone for your team, community, tribe, or homestead.  Your words become you and people cling to what you say as if you are talking only to them. You are their knight in shining armor.  They listen to your message and compare it against your core values, what you’ve said is important, and your actions. My father is with me when I continually practice the lesson, “Say what you do and do what you say.”

It’s so simple yet so incredibly difficult to sustain. The buck starts and stops with you. And when you are what you say and say what you are, the muck disappears, the confusion is non-existent, the anxiety washes away and you are the ONE AND ONLY you.  As their leader, your actions, your words affect your community. And I hope you realize your words whether spoken or written become you. People rely on what you say as if you are talking only to them.

My mom and Dad are cut from the same cloth when it concerns our families’ standards. If you do what you say and say what you do, then you’re never compromised. Nor in the middle of should-a, would-a or could’a. The words were simple, the decision was clear, and your actions were never second guessed.

Stay tuned for how a voice held to a consistent and high standard impacts your companies performance and bottom line.

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