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When it comes to announcing new positions, finding top talent, and promoting the latest employee benefits and company features — nothing does it better or faster than a social media campaign. But most HR departments don’t have the time or the big budgets to outsource it all.

Enter Merrick Egber, the founder of Merrick Writes, an affordable online writing and social media solution with services as low as $10 per hour. This low rate isn’t reflective of his skill and know-how but rather his college student status and his desire to network through doing rather than just meeting.

Based in Florida, but working virtually with companies across the U.S., Merrick Egber will help drive awareness and generate increased reach for you to announce new job listings to attract top talent for your job vacancies.

“Social media doesn’t replace the job board or website listing but drives more traffic to it,” says the 27-year old senior at Florida Atlantic University.

“Announcing on your Facebook page or Twitter handle is only the first step. To get the attention of qualified candidates, companies need to find the online communities they visit and post there too.”

Merrick Egber works across many industries providing online communication and social media support to promote events, company features, and new job listings.

“The website or online group for app developers is going to be different than the one frequented by retail or hospitality professionals. HR managers don’t have the time to seek, find and post — but I do!”

Merrick Egber is also author of Misunderstood, a collection of short-length poems. In addition to providing online communication support, Merrick Writes is available to write custom poems and toasts for employee awards ceremonies and special events.

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Merrick Writes

Merrick Writes

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