After being in bed for the most part of the year, I had a friend say I should find a chiropractor that specialized in kinesiology.  So after searching the yellow pages for chiropractors, I found only one that had kinesiology listed on his ad.  I called and life got better after the first appointment.  So much so, that I felt like it was a miracle.

So what is kinesiology? Well first let me clarify that I am talking about applied kinesiology here. “Applied kinesiology (AK) is the study of muscles and the relationship of muscle strength to health. It incorporates a system of manual muscle testing and therapy. AK is based on the theory that an organ dysfunction is accompanied by a specific muscle weakness. Diseases are diagnosed through muscle-testing procedures and then treated. AK is not the same as kinesiology, or biomechanics, which is the scientific study of movement.” as described on In layman terms, the practioner may have you hold your arm out and he/she will apply pressure while you resist to check your response.  If you’re like me, I prefer to be shown. Just search on YouTube for Applied Kinesiology and there are several videos available.  Here’s a video I found to be helpful (no affiliation) where the doctor demonstrates one way that the chiropractor I went to helped me and explains in simple terms how it works.  Another source of info is a book called “Your Body Doesn’t Lie” by John Diamond M.D.  It’s a great little book that not only explains muscle testing, but shares techniques you can use alone to test yourself as well as with another person.

Applied kinesiology was not a Cure for me.  I still have chronic pain and fatigue.  However, it gave me hope and it also gave me the ability to be mobile again.  It’s something I still use periodically for the simple decisions as to what supplements or foods are good choices for me.  Plus instead of rolling out of bed and crawling; having someone help me get to the restroom; someone help me get dressed; getting help in the car to go to a doctor appointment, I can stand and walk on my own.  That is exciting when you’ve been bedridden for a year. I was one that seemed to fall through the cracks.  My test results kept showing that I had problems, but not bad enough for surgery or any other solutions other than chiropractic adjustments,  physical therapy, and meds that had horrible side effects.  So I was on a journey of searching and trying different things for several years. For me, discovering AK was a great find that gave me a step forward after being stuck for awhile.

If you or someone you know have suffered with back pain with not much progress  and your doctor, chiropractor or other practitioner have tried all they know, ask about AK or consider searching for another doctor and give it a  try.  It works quick and you’ll know in a short period of time whether it’ll work for you.

Wishing you Faith, Hope and Love, 1 Corithians 13:13



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