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Are we having fun yet? It seems like people today have become too serious, they have let the so-called stresses of life negate the pleasures of life, the fun things in life.

As I began to think about the topic of my blog this week It occurred to me that my last 4 posts were on serious topics and that lead me to shift my focus this week to having fun. I started my research by going to Google and typing in the work laughter and I was amazed at what I found. The top three articles were Laughter is the Best Medicine, Stress Relief From Laughter, and The Health Benefits of Laughter.

Image by Tania Van den Berghen from Pixabay


Do you remember as a kid in the summertime when your to-do list looked something like this?

  1. Wake up when I want
  2. Eat fruit loops for breakfast and complete the puzzle on the box
  3. Play with my formula 1 car racing set
  4. Build a fort in the backyard
  5. Lunch
  6. Go play baseball at the park
  7. Watch the Banana Splits show and cartoons
  8. Eat dinner
  9. Watch Laugh-In
  10. Go to bed

What happened? We grew up, took on new responsibilities, we learned how to worry, but many of us have forgotten that when we were kids no matter what we were doing we always played, laughed and had fun.

I recall when I stopped having fun when I was 10 years old my mom enrolled me in a new school that was one and a half miles from my home and I did not know a single student.I don’t have many fond memories of fifth grade like I have of the to previous school years at Paul Revere Elementary school. I had so much fun because I had special privileges. I had the benefit of leaving class early to get to my post for Crossing Guard Duty. I also worked in the lunchroom kitchen so I was able to have a free lunch each day and eat without having to wait in line for my food. I also was assigned the responsibility of taking care of the hamster Habitrail in our classroom which was a maze of tubes that the hamsters used to move from compartment to another, it was really fun to watch them play.

I know it sounds like a lot of responsibility to handle all those jobs but I was not stressed at all, I saw my responsibilities as fun. I guess I stopped having fun in fifth grade because there were no opportunities at that particular school for me to do, it was just going to school, classwork, and homework.

Think back in your life when you stopped having fun? Was it a particular event, a bad relationship, or maybe you moved around a lot. Whatever you discover use it by turning it around to create more ways to fun in your life.

Six ways to create more fun in your life.

  1. Write down 3 things you are grateful for when you wake up each morning.
  2. Get rid of limiting beliefs. What we tell ourselves becomes our reality. If we think we can’t do something, then we can’t or won’t even try.
  3. Set aside time for yourself each week to play by doing something that is fun for you.
  4. Laugh several times a day. I found a good comedy channel on Youtube called Drybar
  5. Gamify your life. You can take things you don’t like to do and make a game of them. for more info go HERE
  6. Buy fireworks with your friends and enjoy them together.

Try some of these ways to create more fun in your life and share a comment of how you had fun this week.



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