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Interested in escaping into the world of urban fantasy? Grab a copy of Chicago author Jackie Sonnenberg’s new book All That Glitters.

Set in the small town of Wickerwire, Iowa, the plot centers around a jewel thief in search of an ancient Aztec item imbued with magic. When he robs a store, he takes all of the merchandise in hopes that one of the pieces will be the enchanted item he seeks.

The crook leaves pop rings, peanut butter cups and other sweets in place of the stolen jewels. As such, he’s been dubbed “The Candy Caper”.

After each heist, The Candy Caper checks for his prize and if he doesn’t find it, moves on to the next mark. Progressively wiping out the inventory of every jewelry store in town, the bandit bypasses alarms, leaving no evidence behind. Will he locate the bewitched item without getting caught? What is he hoping to find in the magic he so desperately seeks?

The Candy Caper blends into the shadows and could be anyone. Who is this mysterious figure? Officer Anthony Massey is determined to find out. The lead officer in search of The Candy Caper, he always seems to be one step behind as the burglar continues to elude capture. Will he be able to outsmart the thief?

During the height of The Candy Caper’s spree, Bridget Piers, Wickerwire’s newest resident, opens a new jewelry store. With state of the art security systems, The Candy Caper has not targeted her shop…yet. Why has she been spared? Will an attempt be made to rob her store? What does fate have planned for her?

Another distinctive character is local celebrity Thunder God, a wrestler notorious for spreading bad luck. Nicknamed “Blunder God”, he’s looking to rid himself of the catastrophic noose that’s slowly strangling him.

Finally, there’s Nick Allen, an introverted dentist battling his own insecurities. A long-time inhabitant of the small Midwestern town, he’s constantly looking over his shoulder. When he meets Bridget, he moves past his self-doubt to get to know her and build a relationship. Nick is tied to most of the characters in the book as they eventually end up in his dental chair.

As the mystery unfolds, Sonnenberg intertwines the lives of the colorful residents of Wickerwire, including the unknown robber.

This is the story of a “backwards superhero”. Written from the perspective of the would-be villain, All That Glitters has a wisp of supernatural with an unexpected twist at the end.

All That Glitters is available in paperback on Amazon for $13.46.


About The Author

Jackie Sonnenberg is a self-described authorpreneur (author/entrepreneur). She’s worked in journalism, creative writing, event planning and marketing and is the author of How to Raise Your New Puppy in a Cat Family.

In addition to writing, Sonnenberg designs fantasy/horror costumes for conventions and the haunt industry.

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'All That Glitters' by Jackie Sonnenberg
‘All That Glitters’ by Jackie Sonnenberg


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