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Recovery is NO ACCIDENT – it is however worth it…. If we bring it out of the darkness of DENIAL into the light of ACCEPTANCE – we can ultimately find RECOVERY.

We don’t have a drug – alcohol – gambling – etc…. ADDICTION – WE DO HAVE HOWEVER – A THINKING PROBLEM – a sort of a Mental Disease that affects our thinking and once we put down the “DRUG OF CHOICE” it is then we can face our problem and work to make a Beeter Life for ourselves and those of us around us…

We welcome you to join us every week as we discuss REAL LIFE ISSUES and how we handle them – WITHOUT REVERTING BACK to our old ways of Addictive behaviors.

Our Call-in number is 323-580-5755 and we encourage you to call in with questions ./ comments / stories of your own. We grow by sharing these personal stories.

If you need help during the week – call Daniel at 630-918-6129 / 800-427-5968 or email

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