Saturday, July 27th, is National Dance Day. Sponsored by the Dizzy Feet Foundation (DFF), its purpose is to encourage people to embrace dance as a fun way to achieve and maintain good health and fight obesity.

The idea is to dance to one of two choreographed routines on or before July 27th.

DFF provides the choreography. One routine is for dancers at all levels and the other is for those who want to be challenged. Instructional videos are available on DFF’s YouTube channel.

Celebrating National Dance Day is an innovative way for companies to spotlight health and fitness and to do something fun for employees.

Following are a few ideas to help you make this a successful event.

  • Ask for volunteers to teach one of the two official National Dance Day dances and organize a flash mob at work. This would make for a fun, memorable experience for both employees and customers. You can share information about your celebration and post your National Dance Day video with DFF. Go to the DFF website for details.
  • Use National Dance Day as the basis for a health fair, highlighting dance as a form of fitness.
  • Organize a charitable dance or dance-a-thon to raise money for kids in your area to have more access to dance.

This is the perfect time to show employees that health and fitness can be fun. Use National Dance Day to encourage your employees to get up and move.

National Dance Day (Source: Dizzy Feet Foundation)
National Dance Day (Source: Dizzy Feet Foundation)
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