Discover Rising Tides with Katy Almstrom

How the Outside Makes the Inside Better

Through conversations with female business owners, we explore the benefits of time spent outside to maintain life balance. The time outside and activity may differ in each conversation, but we delve into the subject to find the commonality that drives us all.  As a business owner, I find myself outside to balance the challenges of every day.

Discover Rising Tides Guest is Katy Almstrom.  Katy is a financial coach, teacher and speaker who works with driven women who are ready to pay off their debt and create a sustainable future that includes simple strategies so they can reach their goals and live out their dreams. With over a decade of experience in teaching and coaching combined with her own debt-free journey and simplified life, Katy provides a unique service for her clients to help them slow down, map out their own joyful debt-free journey, and create a life that has WAY less stress around money.

March 2nd, 2022  3 pm PST

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