Discover Rising Tides with Mary Lummerding

How the Outside Makes the Inside Better

Through conversations with female business owners, we explore the benefits of time spent outside to maintain life balance. The time outside and activity may differ in each conversation, but we delve into the subject to find the commonality that drives us all.  As a business owner, I find myself outside to balance the challenges of every day

Discovering Guest Mary Lummerding Mary Lummerding is an accredited Chef and a Cooking Coach As a personal chef, Mary helps busy people make healthy, easy, cost effective meals and have FUN in the kitchen. Music selection like Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars is very helpful. Occasionally we pause for some dancing. Good Food helps us to be healthy so we can enjoy our lives. Mary works with clients individually and in small groups. Mary graduated from Culinary Management at George Brown College in Toronto She worked professionally at various restaurants for 10 years.

Mary taught her son to cook. At age 32, he happily makes most of his own meals. She has been active in Toastmasters, helping people to develop their public speaking skills. Mary loves finding solutions – especially in the kitchen. Mary has developed many ways to create easy meals. Occasionally she spends a few hours in the kitchen making dishes like a Slow Cooker Pulled Pork. The extra meals go into the freezer to use as a ‘heat and serve’ meal. She also grows a wide variety of vegetables and berries. With her husband, Mary grew and sold vegetables at a farm market for 3 years. About selling vegetables, Mary says: I enjoyed convincing people to try ‘new’ vegetables like a lemon cucumber or a pineapple tomato.

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April 5th, 2023  3:00 pm PST

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