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brian_finalHave you ever taken a walk? Then in the course of that walk you suddenly tripped.

It’s happened to us all right? Well in that moment did you curse your maker and vow to never walk again?

Of course not. When out of several hundred steps a single one turns into a stumble it doesn’t ruin the walk does it?

Then why do so many of us take a single disappointing moment and declare that we’ve had a bad day?

A curious habit wouldn’t you say.

Why would someone consider themselves a failure over a single mistake? A mistake mind you, that when learned from is the seed of future success.

A single argument doesn’t ruin a marriage nor does a single weed ruin a garden.

A rainy day is the opening act of the sunshine.

A failure is a preview of success.

A wound opens the door to healing which finds its fertilizer in forgiveness.

The reverse can be true however in that a day seemingly filled with one hardship after another can be turned around by a single kind act.

I imagine you too have heard the stories of a man or woman who had made the decision to end their life only to encounter a stranger whose act of kindness helped them realize that life still had more to offer.

As a child I was relentlessly bullied and yet my mother’s hug at the end of the day was enough to help me keep going.

Its a powerful lesson in life to realize that it takes only a solitary flame to pierce the darkness.

Where there is a single act of kindness there is humanity.

When there is one other person we will never be alone.

When we stumble we also rise.

When we hurt we also heal.

As we walk through this life it is important to find the value in each step we take, especially, the next one.

Thanks for being you.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Brian R. King LCSW is a Relationship Breakthrough Specialist. His breakthrough strategies draw on his experience as a 24 year cancer survivor, adult with Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, A.D.D., the father of three sons on the autism spectrum as well as someone who lives on the autism spectrum himself. His books and seminars have garnered him worldwide attention for his innovative communication and relationship strategies.

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