miriam slozberg

Topics such as mental illness, death and anything that is considered to be taboo is always shoved under the rug. That is why it is taboo. It is time that these uncomfortable parts of life are brought out. I am organizing a new podcast called Exploring the Eighth House and there will be no set time as far as when it airs.

The Eighth House in astrology is the area in your astrological chart that is ruled by the sign Scorpio, and is the area that governs these uncomfortable facts of life. In fact, this house is known to be the “house of sex”, but sex is only a part of what it represents. Psychology, death, other people’s stuff, debt, investments and secrets are what this house also rules. In other words, whenever you are dealing with the Eighth House, you are dealing with heavy duty stuff that make others squirm.

Stay tuned for upcoming podcasts of me interviewing psychologists, grief counselors, funeral directors, and other interesting individuals that would focus on these topics.

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