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This is a big day for Face-to-Face Networking: 60-second Solutions. Big because we are now reaching a much larger audience thanks to being invited to be part of Linked Local Network (LLN). Click on community voices.

And once again, I have networking to thank! Fred McMurray, CEO of LLN, and I first met for that proverbial cup of coffee three years ago at a Panera Bread in Naperville after a mutual associate suggested we get to know each other. I’ve watched from the sidelines as he started LLN … originally to partner with nonprofits to bring them a better Internet presence.
LLN has evolved, and today its communities or sites are a gathering place for a plethora of news and information locally and globally. It features columnists, business voices and its own radio network. Fred said that LLN reaches about 800,000 individuals. Hmm. Lots of potential readers!

Melissa Heisler, a coach and radio show host, has joined LLN as chief operating officer, and Roni Weiner Pressler, is now vice president, management & operations
The LLN team is also a big fan of face-to-face networking events such as its caffeinated coffees, which frequently feature an author, brown bag luncheons and other events you will be hearing more about soon.

In addition to my weekly face-to-face networking blog, I’ll also be writing an original blog monthly which you can find at

You’ve gotta love the results when you build relationships that last!


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