What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? Or it no longer mattered what other people thought?

Is there a book in you waiting to be born? Or a message you care deeply about and feel heeds to be shared?


“Living an authentic life means standing firm in our dreams!

It means not settling for something less out of fear or desire for security.

It means being true to ourselves and releasing what no longer fits or serves us.”

~ Davina Kotulski


Join us Thursday, April 25, for the On Purpose radio show when we’ll interview Davina Kotulski, a psychologist, life coach, and internationally known author and speaker in the field of marriage equality.

Hear Davina’s journey of courage to find her own voice, and to share a message that’s touched thousands of lives.

You’ll also hear some of the secrets she discovered to help others live a courageous and authentic live, get their book written, and have their message make a difference in the world.
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And we’d love to hear your experience with and learning about Courage. And what is is to “Find Your Voice.” 


Every Thursday at Noon Central

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