Miriam Slozberg

Many business owners are concerned about keeping their social media presence so professional that they end up turning out to appear non-personal or fake. Some unintentionally brag often about their success because they are proud.

It is one thing to stay positive and inspiring on social media as people are attracted to that. However, like anything else in life, do so in moderation. There is a point when this practice becomes insincere and others begin to notice. Once that happens, your tribe that you worked hard to build will start to fall away. You will be seen as an insincere braggart which is just as bad as being a negative Nancy.

I don’t encourage anyone to start being negative on social media either. What I encourage is for users to be genuine. Be personal. Be real, and here are four ways to do that.

1. Mention your Previous Failures Once in a While. The fact of the matter is, there is a lot of social media envy around. If all you ever do is brag about your successes, people who are trying hard without getting the results that want regardless of what it may be will start to hide your posts. Eventually they will end up leaving. Even for those who are genuinely happy for you. They don’t want to be bombarded with hearing about your high profits or your constant trips to exotic places. It is fine to share your successful moments sometimes, and I would not do it more than two times a week. That being said, it is very important to talk about your previous failures as well to help others not only realize they are not alone but it may give them a ray of hope since they are aware of your present day success.

2. Be Honest About Any Struggles you Face. If you talk about your struggles from to time to time, people will respect you and appreciate you more. For instance, if you are dealing with a mental illness like depression, be open about it. A lot of professionals do what they can to mask their personal challenges especially when it comes to mental health because many are shameful and that just builds upon the stigma. You will not only appear genuine if you discuss what you deal with to others, however you may help those who are dealing with similar struggles to open up.

3. Who Gives a Whoop About your Klout Score. Klout had it’s time where it meant a little something. Now, a high Klout score is meaningless. I can tell you right now that no one cares about your Klout score and if you tout about having a high one, that isn’t going to impress anyone.

4. Ask How Others Are, or Ask them Questions and Show Interest. This is something that should be known anyway but many professionals can become self absorbed and only share content that is relevant to them and to their niches. Ask how people in your tribe are from time to time or ask them a question. Always like their answers if you use Facebook to create the discussion. Show people that you care.

5. Ask for Advice. You may be a professional in what you do, but that doesn’t mean you know everything. One way to be humble is to ask for advice on something you are dealing with, whether it is regarding your business or personal life. People will listen and help you out.

Be personal, be real and let your connections know that even if you are successful in business, you are not perfect either. They will appreciate you and respect you a lot more.

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