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Cool findings about Pets, particularly Dogs:

Top Pets by Population

     DOGS  over 76 million

     CATS  over 58 million

     BIRDS  over 7.5 million

     HORSES  over 1.9 million (wondering if these are all actually pets or if this number includes work horses and race horses, some of which are also pets)

Population probably not known, but “number of households” that have these pets:

     FISH  over 10 million

     RABBITS  over 975 thousand

     REPTILES  over 3.7 million

23.8% increase in sexiness if a man is holding a puppy

 3.7% increase in sexiness if a man is holding a kitten

21% of men have used their pet to hit on someone!

The pet LEAST likely to win their owner a 2nd date is A SPIDER!

Only 40% of men think 3 dogs is too many to own!

54% of men allow their pet on the furniture.

Men’s average monthly spend on their pet is $136.99.

20% of men think it is a deal breaker if their love interest kisses their pet on the mouth.

20% of men think it is a deal breaker if their partner’s cat watches during sex.

52% of all US men own at least one dog. That makes over half of all men very smart!

Please excuse the slant towards guys, my source is Men’s Health Magazine, April 2019 issue.

The release of the “My Second Chance” music video is coming soon.  We had the world debut preview of the video on Tuesday July 9th at our Event in Naperville.  I am looking forward to sharing it with the rest of the world!  We are preparing a campaign using the video to benefit Animal Rescue Organizations. Raising awareness to the options we have to solve the problems our rescue animals face is the number 1 goal.

Our event was also very valuable because we talked about each attendees’ Work-life balance strategy. This turns out to be a much better way to connect with other people than talking about business.  We do business with people that we like, and there is a effect that makes it easier to like another person once you know their passion.

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