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Do you mistrust that you can actually get what you want?
Does truly living your “calling” – a life of purpose and passion continually feel out side of your reach?

What if living your purpose started with you tending to an inner vision of what you want. . . would you allow the time to nourish your vision and have your actions be a reflection of it?


If you’re ready, then listen to our inspiring conversation with Tony Burroughs, author of Get What You Want:  The Art of Making and Manifesting Your Intentions.

Tony is the co-founder of The Intenders of the Highest Good, a grassroots community movement with Intenders Circles in countries all over the world.  He is also author of the popular daily message, The Bridge, in addition to being a Master Intender.

Here are some highlights from the On Purpose Radio Show conversation my co-host, Rikk Hansen, and I had with Tony:

Gem of Wisdom:  “Envision only positive outcomes.”

One Small Step:  When you get up in the morning, before you begin your day, say your intentions:

  • I intend such and such ________________. Including the phrase, For the Highest Good of All, after each intention.
  • Envision the intentions as already manifested, “I see myself with, ______________.
  • State, “I an clearly shown my next step in life.”
  • Be open to receive from expected and unexpected sources.

Favorite Quotes:

“… we looked up the word Intention in the dictionary and saw that intention is a moving toward, moving toward that which you desire.”

“There are people out there who say, “Don’t tell others what your intentions are.”  We’ve found this not to be true.  We’ve found that if you include in your intentions,  For the Highest Good, it is easy to support other people in the manifestation of their intentions.  If it isn’t for the highest good it won’t manifest.”

“The more people you get to align with you and your vision, the quicker they manifest.”

“Since there is no limit to what we can think, there is no limit to what we can intend.”

“If you are living your calling, then you are doing what you came here to do – and everything gets easier after that.”

“What we say is what we get.  Say things in the positive, hold your attention on the thoughts that serve us.”

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