Are you stuck on a merry-go-round of uncertainty and dont know where to turn for guidance?

 On the path to our LifeWork purpose it’s natural to face uncertainty and fear.  And so many people around us are giving us their opinions and advice that it becomes confusing to know where to turn for guidance that is right for us.  The discovery process is actually a time for listening – what is it we are listening to and what is the spiritual aspect of this time?

If you are searching for guidance and have been confused about where to turn, then you will want to listen to our insightful and inspiring On Purpose conversation with Lisa Dorey, author of The Angel Stories:  Easing Life’s Troubles.


Lisa reports that when people feel completely stuck, reliving the same issues over and over again, and have tried everything else, they come to her. As she connects her clients to their Angels, releasing their “stuff” and filling them with Divine Light, the magic starts to happen.  The road ahead is clear for them to move forward at last.

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In addition Lisa is the visionary founder of The Spiritual Sanctuary and Spa and the creator and host of the Angelic Guidance for Business TeleSummit beginning September 4, 2013.

Gem of Wisdom: 

Review your life – you’ve probably got all the elements of your life purpose there already; just not combined in the right way. 

Mine (Lisa’s) were:

  • Reiki – I applied Reiki in my personal life – today it is a cornerstone of my professional life
  • Interpreting between people who don’t speak the same language – in my corporate roles I interpreted between information technology experts and people without an understanding of technology – to I interpret between People and Angels
  • I was always employed in international and global roles – today I work with clients throughout the world
  • My corporate work initiated transformation with technology – today I initiate transformation with Angelic Energy

One Small Step:  Quiet Time Every Day

Make some time each day to be quiet to ask for guidance and to listen to the guidance you receive:

  • Be still
  • Close your eyes
  • Put the soles of you feet on the floor – if you are lying on a bed, bend your knees so you feet are flat on the bed
  • Take 3 deep breaths – when you feel the breaths going right into the bottom of your lungs, it’s like the universe touching your heart through your breath
  • Imagine you have 4 Angels standing around you, that they have put their wings out, making a complete circle around you:When you are encircled by the Angels, imagine they are keeping all the noise out and it is peaceful in their circle.  They are taking all you problems off your shoulders.  Do this for 10 minutes.  They are sheltering you with their wings.  You are completely safe and completely loved.  Restore yourself with this sensation.
    • Archangel Michael on your right-hand side
    • Archangel Gabriel on your left-hand side
    • Archangel Uriel in front of you
    • Archangel Raphael behind you
    • It doesn’t matter if you don’t remember their names – just imagine they are there
  • Ask for a sign for your next step – for your purpose – which may appear later in the day as a song on the radio, a headline that you see, etc…  Ask for a sign and keep your eyes open.

Favorite Quotes from this Interview:

“Ive been very interested in spiritual things for a very long time. Three years ago I left my corporate life and started this journey.  I was using all my spiritual tools in the background to put myself back together again in the evening when I was frazzled trying to be a Mum to my, and doing my job  flying around the world, making big decisions doing transformation through technology.  I had this gnawing feeling in the back of my mind, Is this all there is?  It looks like Ive got it all  the nice house, the car, but there was something missing.  Maybe I just have to work harder.  And in the end I got ill and I had to leave.  And I felt completely lost because I was my job title, I didnt know who I was.”

One day I saw I book in a shop and I knew that was my book  it was a book about Angels.  I never thought that Angels were something for me.  Angels felt a little bit out there  I thought the people interested in Angels were not my sort of people.”

“There was a meditation describing how to call in your Angels around you.  I sat in the garden and thought, lets see if this works.  To my astonishment it completely did.  There were all these Angels around me.  I couldnt exactly see them and I knew they were there.”

 I starting going for walk in the forest and that is when the Angels started showing me how to work with healing light.  And thats what Ive done.  Its been a complete transition and it wasnt easy at the time and now I am so grateful for it.

We are so used to categorizing things as good or bad that we forget to see the gifts in it.  Yet when you look back at it you can see that the pivotal moments when you made a leap you actually went through something quite traumatic, and what people would describe as pretty awful.

I knew if I started talking to my colleagues about Angels it would be fodder for their jokes.  They would think Id gone crazy.  It was like having a deep dark secret.  It took tremendous courage to say, This is who I am, and I was only able to do it in tiny steps.

If you need some help, ask for it  and were not really good at this, so I asked the Angels and I found good help along the way.

In society today we view asking for help as a bad thing.




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