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My last Blog we discussed Men!!! Remember ladies, Men have an emotional Empty Box that they want to remain empty!  For you Men, a few simple rules of the road that can help in understanding why us gals carry within us a mental list of “TO DO’S”. I actually would prefer to have my husband write this blog. He can offer some sound advice. Being with me for 40 years has been his biggest challenge.

We are constantly juggling issues in the home and outside of the home. In my featured image, I have a list of issues that I personally dealt with in raising a family. We are usually thinking of what is ahead of us in caring for the home. Shopping,James needs a new pair of shoes. Oh no! I forgot to pick up the Dry Cleaning. What am I going to make for dinner? Will I be able to get to the store in time to get home by 6 pm? In our busy schedule, we can really get overwhelmed. When you guys get home from your busy day, you want to just chill out. We can’t always do that, unless we live alone.

Where do you fit in with all this? Ask if you can help out with something? Sometimes we may not know what to do first. Don’t get mad at us. Grab a kid or 2, or offer to bring dinner home for us. If  you love to cook, then go ahead and make dinner a few times during the week, or go ahead and prepare meals in advance and freeze them for her to throw in the oven. Most of us LOVE to go out and eat during the week. If you live by a very tough budget, try and do something to aid in our situation. If you help us out and we are able to calm down, that leaves more alone time for you. I try to advise women to plan their meals in advance. That helps to relieve some of the pressures of working and handling a busy life!

Don’t try and solve all our issues and problems, do your best to listen instead. Don’t always interrupt us while we are talking? My husband will often finish my sentences. That’s a HUGE pet peeve of mine. WE BOTH NEED TO BE GOOD LISTENERS!!! You are wired to solve problems, and we want to discuss them instead. Problems often need to be solved, but talking about them first, gives us an idea what course of action we will eventually pursue. We all strive to be better and stronger, but I believe God made us to be a weaker vessel for a reason.

I am not saying that women are weaker emotionally and mentally, we are structured differently. If I lose an earring in the house, I immediately assume that I will never find it and throw a tantrum. I will even swear at times, especially if it’s a special earring! My husband enters the scene as he hears me having a fit  He’ll calmly ask where I saw it last? Did I go through all the places where it might be? He’ll start to go through my jewelry case. He is trying to solve the mystery of the lost earring. I will try and collect my composure and hunt with him. Most of the time we end up finding that earring. Should I have thrown a tantrum first? Probably not, but that’s my first response to assume that my earring is gone forever!  You men first start to think where you were, or what you were doing last!

Most us gals, want to be comforted, and held at times. I have learned to ask my husband to give me a hug or hold me, even if it be for no reason at all. Deep down, we want a man to care for us, and handle some of the big pressures in life. I do believe that women’s lib didn’t totally help us gals out! We all deserve equal pay for equal opportunities. However, for some of us girls, we still like to have our men be the stronger Vessel, physically and emotionally.  There are times that I will pretend not to be able to reach something, or fix something. Why? I love having David help me out! Besides, he’s as tall as King Kong. He can reach something off our ceilings if need be!!!

I really hesitate to discuss the topic of Sex. I will say that as we age in our relationships, there seems to be a tendency of complacency. I don’t have a lot of answers on how to please us gals in that department. Sex should not be meant as a reward for doing something to make us happy. Many women, including myself have gone that route in life, it can be very affective to get what we want, but it’s not right!  You men do have more of a need for sexual fulfillment, than we do. Don’t just say have SEX regardless. Sex for women is very personal and emotional. We can’t turn our passions on like a faucet. If you did something to piss us off, we can and sometimes will hold a grudge against you. Don’t expect us to hop in bed and pretend nothing happened. Be loving toward us, and willing to throw out a compliment every now and then. Let us know that you do appreciate  our efforts. We ALL need that kind of support!

Learning compassion, patience and understanding towards one another can make for a more peaceful existence! I thank God that we are made differently. Life would get pretty dull if men and women were the same! “Viva La Difference”!!!




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