When Kishore Khandavalli launched SevenTablets, he knew it would be imperative to think not just outside of the box but outside of U.S. borders when it came to finding top talent.

A subsidiary of his tremendously successful IT sourcing and staffing company, iTechUS, Khandavalli launched an entirely separate company for mobile app development in the b2b space. With more and more companies using mobile apps for supply chain communications and processing, Khandavalli knew the customer demand was there but would have to get creative to find and grow his workforce.

“The world has gone mobile and the world has gone mobile very quickly,” said Khandavalli, who is based in Dallas. “And, the supply of talent has not kept up with the demand. In addition, the lifecycle of any technology has shortened substantially with the mobile evolution.”

According to Khandavalli, in order for companies to keep up they must have a strategic direction in terms of training, retaining, and keeping employees productive. Below is his three-prong approach for companies to address the shortage of talent in the mobile industry:

1.  Retention. Protect the top talent that you have with an environment that lends itself to recognition, appreciation and the potential of promotion.

2.  Training. The speed of mobile technology means that even the smartest workers can become obsolete if they aren’t trained on the latest technologies. Commit the budget and create the access for continuous training, certification and learning to keep your employees abreast of new tools and technology development.

3.  Recruitment. For mobile, companies need to think about non-traditional recruiting routes. Go to college  campuses with strong tech programs to attract fresh and eager talent. Also, think beyond U.S. borders because, more than likely, your customers are global. So why shouldn’t your recruitment be global too?

For more info on SevenTablets, visit: http://seventablets.com /

Kishore Khandavalli, Chairman & CEO iTech Group of companies

Kishore Khandavalli, Chairman & CEO iTech Group of companies













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