The reason for these long-lasting lockdowns is to stop the spread of COVID-19 as the government in most countries did not prepare themselves properly for this pandemic. I will say what many people are afraid to say. They screwed up with this royally, and we are all paying the price for it. The only solution is to stay locked in your home with the exception of going to grab essentials and to try to do so no more than once a week (not realistic, sorry to say because who has enough storage for that?). But okay, fair enough. Wear gloves when you go out. Okay, done. Wear a mask when you go out. Okay, done. Stay 6 feet away from people. Okay, no problem. I don’t like to get close to anyone anyway, so that really is not a big deal to me. Sterilize your hands when you get home. Got it.

These lockdowns are inconvenient, I won’t lie. Even though I am an introvert who has worked from home for a long time. I still find it inconvenient. But, I am not going to violate the social distancing orders. And I am not even angry about the lockdowns. I get why they have to be done. But I will tell you what I am angry about.

Before I zero in on it, you do know why these lockdowns are happening. To slow the spread, to flatten the curve. That is because the weak and elderly need to be protected. And of course who wants to get them sick. No one does. And if anyone had an intention to do that, well, that is a sign of someone who is truly evil. However, my problem here is that their needs are the only ones highlighted here. Don’t infect the weak and the elderly. Oh, you are staying in to protect the weak and elderly, Their needs are all that matters.

You may be strong and healthy physically, and you may fight it, but you must stay home and sacrifice everything to keep them healthy. That includes your own needs. Yes, that is right. Their needs are all that are highlighted. No one else’s does. That includes those who have mental illnesses. How do I know this?

Well, there are some places that are closing up stores that carry crafts and other things that are considered to be ‘non-essential’ such as home improvement items. Why must you go out and risk others around you in order to get items that are ‘non-essential’? Remember, you have a responsibility to protect your community! You have no business risking other people’s lives to grab the things you ‘want’! Right? WRONG!!

Absolutely WRONG!! These places need to stay open! Why? Because what if people’s mental health depends on these places staying open?? What if doing home improvement projects during the time of the quarantine is what will prevent suicides from happening? What if going to the nursery to grab soil and seeds will prevent a relapse into more of a depression? What if these people need to make these ‘non-essential’ trips to nurture and save their mental health??? But who cares about that, right?

And I have seen nothing but criticism about people who are doing those things, as Scary Mommy had an article published that was simply about this very thing here called Your Home Improvement Project Can Wait — It’s Not ‘Essential’. And okay fine you can always order these items online but it takes days and days to get them delivered. You can also arrange for a curbside pickup. Sure I see that and get that. I get that. But that is not the point! The point is that people are being judged for doing these things, and heaven forbid they should run out and run a quick errand to grab a ‘non-essential’ item that may actually be very essential to their mental health.

Because again, their mental health is not in the equation. No one else’s needs matter except for the weak and elderly. Nevermind that COVID-19 is not the only deadly pandemic to worry about. I am frankly more worried about the number of suicides I will be hearing about even more so than people dying from this virus. Because the needs of those who have mental illnesses are not being met. I was hoping there would have been more improvement with this, and more understanding with this. I am just sad and angered about the fact that I was obviously wrong. This situation is just proof of it.

Maybe this is hitting home because this is how special needs moms are treated, as I have been there. Only their kids’ needs matter. Not their own. That is until they are on the brink of snapping, and then what happens next? I am scared to say that I easily see a parallel here. Those who are struggling with their mental health from this are not being seen or heard. This will only escalate. Suicides, addiction, self-harm, isolation after the quarantine is over, and you know what I am getting at. But these people need to put on their big panties and deal with it right? Wrong. Their needs must be met just like the needs of the weak and the elderly. I am saddened to see how that is not happening, and how it is not at all a concern for most. Society, you have failed once again, big time.

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