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Topic: LLN Reports on Life Hurts God Heals

Life Hurts God Heals is a new live internet radio show launching Jan 21, 2020

Broadcast date: Jan 14, 2020 at 7:00p PST.

Life Hurts - Linked Local Network - God Heals

Meet the co-hosts of Life Hurts God Heals, Chris Wohlwend and Kurt Pflegl.

God Heals - Linked Local Network - Life Hurts

Chris Wohlwend is a father of six kids and grandparent to seven. He has B.S. in Bible and Theology and a Master’s in Pastoral Studies. Pastor for over 31 years in various churches in California, Florida and Washington. Currently a Chaplain with an Assisted Living and memory Care facility on the Central Coast of CA.

Kurt Pflegl is the Pastor & Certified Spiritual Director of Elevate Christian Church in San Luis-Obispo, California. Kurt helps people discover and experience the reality of God in their daily lives.

Kurt Pflegl - Life Hurts, God Heals - Linked Local Network

Chat live at the Linked Local Network website or call 323-580-5755 to listen or ask questions.

Linked Local Network – Achieving Woek-Life Balance

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