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Love One Another by Mark Michniak

This is not going to be a religious, preachy page as the title may lead you to believe. As a matter of fact, it may one of the shortest I ever write!

This weekend I was at church (I am a Roman Catholic) and the sermon was on “Love One Another As I Have Loved You”, a very famous quote from the bible. Our pastor spoke with the such simplicity on this topic yet it has been on my mind for two days now. The thing I like about this message is that you do not have to be religious, believe in Christianity, or even have a faith of any kind to accept and believe in the idea of treating others with the same love you want them to treat you with.

The phrase is a real challenge for me in my daily affairs and is probably why it has been on my mind so much. It is amazing when I think about it just how much I interact with people everyday. It can be driving my car down the street, walking into a store, or picking-up the phone. Take a moment to look back the last 24 hours: how many people have you come into contact with?

When I drive, sometimes I don’t let people in when I should or I see someone coming-up behind me and purposely slow-down.

Or when I am in a store and I grab the last thing on a shelf just before someone else comes to get it.

If I am going to get gas and there is one pump open and I race to get it before I let someone else have it.

Aren’t these all opportunities for me to “love others’?

Like I previously stated, what our pastor said is very challenging for me. Loving others means putting others needs above my own. It is something that is easy to do with those I already love, but what about complete strangers and people I don’t know?

Something I will be continually contemplating for a few more days.

Mark Michniak

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