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Brian King, LCSW

Brian King, LCSW

This past April there were many storms in Illinois that resulted in massive flooding. We were fortunate to only experience minor flooding in our basement.  Many items got so wet they simply weren’t salvageable and ended up on the garbage pile.

It was very enlightening to see how much stuff we had that was simply taking up space. Things we thought we needed but didn’t take the time to examine, instead we just let it sit there, taking up space instead of getting rid of it and making room for something we could actually use.

Cathy was looking at one of the piles this morning and said, “I’m so glad tomorrow is garbage day.”

I thought about that statement and the items on the pile. I thought about how long we’d hung on to some of those items and for what?

As my mind often does, I began generalizing this idea to relationships, beliefs and other things I often accumulate that serve no greater purpose than to create a mere junk pile in my life.

A pile like the one covered in stank rain water that made our basement stink and our eyes water as we worked to clean it up.

Do you have a pile like this anywhere in your life?

Then it occurred to me that although we can only take unwanted material possessions to the curb once a week, we can declare every day garbage day in our lives.

Let me tell you, there’s been a lot of crap flowing into my life over the past week that seems to keep resurging like a toilet that just won’t flush.

I’m invoking a new mantra today whenever I identify anything that no longer serves me, “That’s going on the garbage pile. I can’t use it so I’m going to lose it.”

Won’t you join me?

Thanks for being you.


About Brian R. King

Brian R. King LCSW is a #1 Best Selling Author, 25-year cancer survivor, adult with Dyslexia, ADHD, and Asperger’s. He’s also the father of three sons on the autism spectrum. He is known worldwide for his books and highly engaging presentations that teach the power of connection and collaboration. His strategies empower others to overcome their differences so they can build powerful and lasting partnerships. His motto is: We’re all in this together.

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