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An incident occurred recently at the Gym. At the age of 68, you find that it isn’t all that easy to execute exercises. Yes, you can try to keep up, but you certainly aren’t going to be able to move as agile as you did when you were in your 20’s or 30’s. We were all doing a certain exercise, when this woman that I was partnered with seemed to be rather bossy with me. At first, there was a positive feeling for us all at the gym, then all of a sudden there became this negative feeling that surrounded the area I was in. It was coming from me. She was relentless in telling me what I was doing wrong. Yet, when it was her turn, I became her biggest cheerleader. However nothing was reciprocal. Feeling rather defeated, I decided to question as to why she was so critical.  I learned that she was really watching me, and could see from the side that I was over extending myself, and yes I could’ve ended up injuring myself. She was definitely taking an interest in helping me, but really had a gruff manner in showing it.

We do not have to like everyone that we meet. But, we also don’t have to be so negative toward others that we dislike. My philosophy in life has always been that we learn from everyone we meet. I mean EVERYONE! We can learn how to control our thoughts, with our mouths. Do your best when meeting and talking with others, try and study their mannerisms. Listen to what they say. Learn how to let someone finish a sentence. With that alone, you will be able to pick something up that will help you to grow in your own personal life.

Have you ever been out to a business luncheon, a dinner with several couples, or playing golf with a foursome? How many times did you say to yourself, boy I wish I knew how to do my hair like that? Wish I had her figure, how does she keep herself so healthy looking? Why does he know so much about that country? Why not ask that person how they achieve such success with a nice figure? Or where did they get their hair done? Did they visit that country? Make a point of trying to learn something from everyone you are around. Even at casual gatherings you’ll find that someone is talking about a certain subject that really intrigues you. Go and ask him or her where they got their information, or where did they learn all that? You’ll be amazed at the response you’ll recieve. It shows that you are paying attention.

While listening to this pastor, Roy Hicks. He mentioned that a woman came to his office having such a terrible time in her life. She was complaining how badly she felt about her looks, and that she knew she wasn’t attractive at all; especially in being able to find a man in her life. She genuinely poured her heart out to him, and wanted his advice on how she could turn her life around. He sat there for a bit, trying to think how to answer.  He felt that the Lord had a message to help her.  In all that she does and says, to make only positive affirmations.  Even if she were to go out for a picnic and all of a sudden it’s pouring rain outside. Don’t complain about the weather and blame it for stopping her picnic. Change her thinking around to thank GOD for the rain, and then proceed to another plan to maybe enjoy the picnic in doors.  He told her that it won’t be easy for her, but to do her best to watch all her words and her thoughts as best as possible.

After that he hadn’t seen much of her.  One Sunday after he had finished his sermon, while out greeting all those that came to the church, there was this beautiful woman that approached him. She asked if he had remembered her? He told her no, that he didn’t believe that he had ever met her. She then proceeded to explain that she was that unattractive woman that came to him a few years prior asking for his help., She told him that she had been so desperate for his help. She explained that everyday she did her best to speak positively over herself and her life and whatever she was doing, or where she was headed. Anyone that she ran into or worked with, she spoke positively.  Well, things seemed to turn around for her. She told him that soon afterwards she noticed how she started to change the way she felt about herself, and how her looks started to change.

Shortly after that she met a wonderful man, got married and had a child and settled down. According to Roy, he told us that she was really quite beautiful. He was amazed at her transformation. She told him that it completely changed her life and from then on, she kept up with positive affirmations. She was so grateful that he helped her. She wasn’t the same since. It was a drastic change from feeling so desperate and in such despair. God was faithful in helping her get through, and bring her into such a beautiful life.

Maybe for all of us, we can use this advice, especially if you have children. Teach them to think positively. Any negative thought that enters your thoughts, realize that you have control to not receive them. It’s hard to do, as I am being challenged to make it through a day without criticizing, or making negative comments about politics, politicians, or anything going on in my life. In order to become successful in all our endeavors, we have to be willing to challenge ourselves to get on the “POSITIVE BAND WAGON”!





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