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What if we forget our humility?

Thoughts of, “How can I do more?” or “How can I make each day more productive?” are running rampant through my mind. Almost to the point of panicking in a riptide. But then practice (thousands of hours in the ocean) kicks in and says, “keep your cool, glide to the right.”

I realized my thoughts could’ve taken a drastic left turn into hysteria or chaotic anxiety. But they didn’t. Why?

Ha’aha’a is the fourth principle of Aloha and without a doubt is challenging. It never fails, being humbled is and will always be an eye-opening, emotional reality check and head-light blinding experience. But, when you’re consciously aware. Mindfully present and here yourself saying, “Whoa Nellie! Take a chill pill and think about this.” It’s frick’n amazing.

Just the realization and intention of moving through an emotional roller coaster. To one of…You got this. Look at your steps. Do you feel good in heart and mind about what you’ve been doing? Do you need a course correction? Or do you need to get out of your way until your diligence and perseverance reveals itself?

What I sometimes forget is the ‘get out of your way’ thing continues to be a very humbling and revealing act. That zone of when you make a conscious switch and as soon as you switch, the stars align, and every thought thereafter, ever act taken is as natural as picking limu, mixing poi, swimming or breathing.

This week when I halted the ‘worry mantra’ and replaced it with A-L-O-H-A 101. I was good. So what is Aloha 101? For me it’s departing from would’a, could’a, should’a. Leaving the self pity in the dust. And returning to who I am, why I do what I do and how I chose to be.

For me, it starts with Ha’aha’a. The selfless act of humility and diligence. From there, I remind myself to be patient. And not necessarily with others but with me.

As I walk the walk, my instincts naturally turn to conscientiousness of environment and community. To be supportive and caring of those around me, including myself.

Guess what happens next? Those in my homestead, remind me that when we extend respect, understanding and compassion, working together is a magical journey. Finally as we move through the ho’oponopono of Aloha, truth and honesty washes over me like no one’s business. Stepping up to who I am. Being good with why I do what I do and how I chose to be. All of it, every single sensory is alive, evolving, sensual and purposeful.

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