Holding Your Voice to a Higher Standard…

by Ke Kai Kealoha

Impacts performance and the bottom line. As their leader, your actions, your words affect your community. And I hope you realize your words whether spoken or written become you. People rely on what you say as if you are talking only to them.

My mom and Dad are cut from the same cloth when it concerns our families’ standards. If you do what you say and say what you do, then you’re never compromised. Nor in the middle of should-a, would-a or could’a. The words were simple, the decision was clear, and your actions were never second guessed.

If you’ve ever taken philosophy, specifically logic classes, you might be familiar with, “if , then” equations. My dad could run infinity circles around the academic idiots. To them it appeared as if it were a different premise. But if you listened, and truly followed his intentions, the premise had not changed.

When your message aligns with your actions and core values, you are in the zone. The more you’ll find your “people”, your “tribe”, your “community” will champion your armor. And like Sir Arthur’s round table, will forever be your loyal knight. Recently a colleague said, “I called you because I knew you would get it done.”

If you do what you say and say what you do, how does this boost your company’s performance? In simple terms, when your people buy into you because you’ve shown you buy into them, they will commit to you. And what happens when we have a committed people, tribe or community? Magicness!

As I canvas my memories of child through adulthood. I distinctly recall my excitement, motivation, and ultimately my performance being impacted by those who I trust and respect. As an employer, I couldn’t imagine a greater testimonial to you as a leader than to have your team champion you, your company and your passion. It’s not a far leap to realize how a committed and loyal team can move a company from the red to a strong, healthy and thriving corporate citizen.

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