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Considering whether I am or am not.


Recently I found myself considering whether I’m bold. Whether I have the constitution and courage to take risks? Whether I empower faith and conviction?

I’m trying to think of the Hawaiian equivalent and the word that comes to mind is “Ke Koa”. If we go back to a time where we revered our soldiers and warriors.  A literal translation would be the characteristics, traits or standards we expect a warrior or soldier to possess. Or if you’re familiar with the Koa wood. It’s strong, magnificent, and deeply revered.

Not such a light reflection. However, a very formidable and befitting discussion as I envision 2020. I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a risk taker. Not because of fear. However, I do hear my dad’s voice echoing, “Plan for the worst and hope for the best.”

In other words, look at the risk, the quandary, the uncertain and strategize all possible scenarios. When you’ve outlined the scenarios, work down the funnel to anticipate the possibilities.

Once you have the possibilities, work backwards to figure out the tasks or actions needed to execute the possibility. By the end of the exercise, it’s no longer a risk but a calculated, well-mapped plan of action. It was always my Dad’s practice and a practice he passed down to me and my siblings.

The degree of risk and whether we can bare the shortfalls is a weight issue. Can we/I bare the load regardless of the outcome. Our capacity to handle the risk is our ability to be well-informed, prepared and flexible to leverage and adjust.

So the question, “Am I bold enough to take risks? Am I bold enough to possess courage? Am I bold enough to empower faith and conviction”. The answer is unequivocally yes. BOLDNESS is not a risk; at least not for me. It’s about whether I have the capacity, the resourcefulness, the intelligence and the desire to hope for the best and prepare for the outcome.

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