What If You Could Define Your Voice? And the definition gave you purpose?

by Ke Kai Kealoha

This past few weeks, I’ve shared different ways a voice is important and how (whether we want to admit it) it impacts those around us.

This week, could you consider finding your voice is not as easy as it sounds? And using the word, ‘finding’ is the perfect verb to infer its hiding? When someone (very innocently) says, ‘find your voice’. Or ‘lets find your voice’. Do you hear your inside voice scream, “I’ve been trying.”?

As a service provider and in my case a new business owner, finding my voice was a huge deal. Growing into my voice is an even bigger deal. And just as important is being able to share my voice through the written word.

Why? Because, as of yet, I haven’t figured out how to share myself with everyone I want to–in person. And, yes, writing gives me the chance to speak to many.


Defining the person behind the voice…

through the written word is becoming my best friend and champion. Selfishly, it allows more people to understand who and what I am. It gives my community a birds-eye view of how I operate. It allows people near and far to understand what’s important and why? So that when we do meet, we’re reconnecting as friends.

Now, you may be whispering under your breath…what does it matter if I know you? Well my new found friend, to be piercingly direct. Would you really want someone to enter your personal space? Have a front row view of your family and professional dynamic? Or witness the good, bad and ugly? Without some degree of trust? Without feeling safe and a calm resolve in their presence? Trust is a big deal in my line of work.

To bring it around, finding my voice has returned me to my na’au’ao. A place of enlightenment, intelligence, wisdom and patience. It’s a center of complete awareness of who and what I am. A center that fills me with pride and legacy of my roots. A center which affirms a bountiful life of Kealoha traditions and practices.

To think all it took was a trusted friend to say, “I don’t know what changed but clearly you need to keep writing from that place.”


100%, 100%, 100%

What I do realize, without hesitation is I believe in myself 100%. Join me next week to find out how the blank page helped me craft my voice and share my story.

As you chart your footsteps for 2019, remember your time is best spent focused on you, your family and serving your community. When you find the other directions pulling on you outweigh your family traditions or your freedom to be authentic, relevant, impactful, meaningful and so much more; there is a solution…ALOHA CHICKS.

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