Tired of not being recognized? Not your identity – reward for your actions – being viewed as a talented, valued employee.

Rather than wasting your time working, here are three ideas that might help you get the recognition you deserve.

1. Get pictures of your boss

Ideally, you should attempt to get genuine pictures of a superior in compromising situations. Using the photos as blackmail, exchange your silence for work-related accolades, promotions, raises, etc.

If you’re unable to obtain damaging photos, try photo-shopping your supervisor’s face into embarrassing images. Show him/her the pictures and if he/she appears defensive, you’ll know you struck a nerve and the pictures will be good as gold.

2. Generate buzz about yourself

Talk about yourself doing great things where others can overhear. Include statements like: “The VP of Marketing stopped me in the hall just to say I’m doing a great job.”

Pretend to receive phone calls from important people.

Pretend to talk to on the phone from inside a restroom stall. Use a fake voice and say great things about yourself. Others will overhear but won’t know it’s you.

As word spreads so will your reputation. You’ll become valued without expending unnecessary energy.

3. Pretend to do a good job

This one speaks for itself but it’s a dangerous road. If you pretend well enough, you’ll actually do a good job and then really, what’s the point?

Even though it may not be appraisal time at your company, start now and the review will write itself.


This only works if your supervisor doesn't normally dress this way. (Photo from trendhunter.com)

This will only work if your supervisor doesn’t normally dress this way.

(Photo from trendhunter.com)


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