From the moment you send out your resume until you land the job and start work, you are still involved in the interviewing process. I’ve seen people lose a potential job after they’ve been hired all the way up to the day they start work. One wrong move and the employer can change his mind.

In working to make sure you make it through the entire process and succeed at your new job, I’ve put together 11 valuable job interview techniques to keep in mind every time with every interview:

1. Engage in the Process. Remember that the interview is a 2-way meeting not just a question and answer session, so converse and answer in more than ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ responses.

2. Ask Questions. As soon as possible, begin researching the company and industry to understand the current climate and generate a list of questions that you can use during the interview. Show your interest and knowledge.

3. Dress conservatively. Keep the attire professional with little jewelry or perfume/cologne, you can always show your ‘personal style’ once you’ve hired and see what others where.

4. Greet everyone with a smile and a handshake. Even if you think the receptionist or clerk doesn’t play an important role – office employees are usually asked their opinion, so make the first impression a good one.

5. Stay focused. Listen to the entire question before answering. Your answer should be concise but complete. And if you are a talker, don’t let your nerves take over so that you talk too much.

6. Ask for business cards. Whether interviewed individually or in a group ask for business cards to ensure you use the right name when addressing interviewers.

7. Be honest. If you decide during or after the interview that the job isn’t for you, let the employer know of your decision. You never know if there is a position within the company that would be a better fit, so don’t burn any bridges.

8. Show interest. If you’re excited about the position, express your interest and enthusiasm politely, they want to hire someone who wants to work for the company.

9. Send a Thank You note. Within 24 hours, send a note to every person who interviewed you. If you spoke with anyone else at the company, send them a thank you note too.

10. Follow up. Ask your interviewer when they expect to make a decision. If you haven’t heard anything by then, follow-up and ask, gently, where you stand.

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