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Community Voices Update and Happy Mothers Day!

I want to wish all of the Mom’s a Happy Mother’s Day. It’s been a few week’s since I last communicated with everyone and much has happened so I wanted update everyone on what has been going on.

First I want to apologize to everyone I was unable to meet while I was in Chicago. I just ran out of time.  It was a great trip and I spent some quality time with the little woman who makes my heart go pitty pat. 
Addison and I got to do artwork, eat raisins, play with toys, go to the Racine Zoo, and chase bubbles. It was incredibly hard to leave and I can’t wait to spend time with her at the end of June.

Please welcome Marty RosenbloomMadeline McNicholasDeni Weigel- Eads and Andrea Mather to our growing Community Voices. Marty still holds the record for the most views of a Linked Local Network video with his What does an Industrial Engineer do. Madeline is a past Linked Local Network volunteer. Yes, Deni is of the Chicago Weigel’s and a past LLN radio show host. Andrea and her husband Tim are gracious enough to give me a place to stay for a couple of days each time I visit Chicago. For those of you who are familiar with the TV show American Pickers will understand when I describe Andrea as the Elgin Picker. She always has great stories behind the stuff she recycles. Please say Hello and welcome them to our community.

Big radio news, our own Community Voice Miriam Slozberg will be restarting the Expressive Mom show from Toronto next week on Wednesday at 1p Pacific time. We are international again.  Be sure to listen and support her. Also, the Pillars of Franchising co-host team of Ray Pillar, Holly A Ford and myself have started writing Pillars of Franchising: Adventures in Franchising Fun book, hopefully due in January. We’ve had 2 past guests request to be contributing authors…this means more work for yours truly.  Thanks to Clive Grey for stopping by the Pillars of Franchising show this past week to see how it works. Hopefully, we will be hearing more from Clive soon.

Functionality Update: I expect to add Discussion group functionality to the website by the end of May.

Lastly, many have inquired on my health, I’m happy to report that cardiologist has decided not to cut me open for a minimum of 6th months. It appears that my diet, exercise and medication regimen is doing the trick. With any luck he will never have to cut me open.

Thanks to our Community Voices for some great posts. Keep up the GREAT work:

Congrats for her first post: Cindy Boehler-Hatton – Where to go from here

New posts from:

Mark Michniak –  Writer’s Block , Uber Experiences April 29-May 3 (a book is brewing) , The Pun Club

Greg Markelz – Today is National “Adopt a Shelter Pet Day”

Michele Rempel – Make Time for Creativity

Miriam Slozberg – Key Minerals For Treating Anxiety And Depression , Top 4 Mental Development Toys For Kids , Movie Moms: Our New Scary Movie Picks for 2019

Mike Stewart – Family Holidays Gatherings Can Be ChallengingCherish the Time you have with family

Debbie Peterson –  Veracity Matters, Part I. Nine Ways To Know If Your Politicians’ Lips are Moving


Chicago news: I will be in Chicago from July 1st to the 8th . I’d like to schedule a networking event for that period. I met with Bill Paus, President of Braconi’s restaurant and he won’t charge us to have an event in his backroom. If you have a chance stop in and say Hello. Let him know that you are part of the Linked Local Network and know Fred McMurray Let’s get together and network. Let me know what date you think would be best.

Congratulations to Mark Michniak on his new job at Simple Drains. Mark, we all know you will rock this new job.

Linda Sereika will be starting to post on health/wellness very soon. There is great excitement about her upcoming posts

San Luis-Obispo news: Tuesday morning, May 14th is Caffeinated Connections at Coast Peaks from 7:30a to 8:45a. Hope you can make it.

If you have a calendar event you would like included please send it to me.


Community Voice Zoom calls: A new training Zoom call is scheduled for Monday, May 13th at 5:30p Central. This is an hour earlier than normal but hopefully will accommodate those who needed an earlier time. If you would like to join our Zoom calls please fill out this form

Please contact me if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

Working on balancing my own life.

Fred McMurray

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