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puns (plural noun)
  1. a joke exploiting the different possible meanings of a word or the fact that there are words which sound alike but have different meanings.
    “the pigs were a squeal (if you’ll forgive the pun)”

    play on words · wordplay · double entendre · double meaning ·

puns (third person present)
make a joke exploiting the different possible meanings of a word.

“his first puzzle punned on composers, with answers like “Handel with care” and “Haydn go seek”” · 

I love puns and great one-liners! They are so cheesy and so ridiculous, but every time you say one to someone, you will at least get an “Oh brother”
and a smile from the person you are saying it to. Over the years I have found that part of my daily life includes me throwing-out at least one or two funny lines.
Growing-up, I had three people that influenced this goofy side of my personality: my father, my Uncle Bill, and a friend of the family we referred to as Uncle Jim. All three had the same common trait when you talked to them: at some point in a conversation with them, you are going to hear a corny one-liner or a pun!
One time, when I was about 12 years-old, I was sitting at a table with my mom and dad playing cards with a group of people we knew and there was another family that I knew, but my mom and dad had just met that day. We were playing a card game and the game had ended, so we all gave our cards to the dealer, who happened to be the father from that family my parents didn’t know too well. The man started shuffling the cards and my dad had not given him his cards yet. Without hesitation, my dad tossed the cards to the man and said “Hey, hey! You’re not playing with a full deck!” Everybody immediately busted out laughing!

My Uncle Bill has always thrown-out corny one-liners since I could remember. He is a guy that could have his whole world turned upside-down and still come out smiling. He would ask you something like “How do you feel?”, you would answer, then he would say “I feel with my fingers” and you just couldn’t help but smile or laugh. They were simple little things that came out of no-where, but he said them with a little smile on his face and you knew he was just trying to make you feel good!

Uncle Jim may well be one of the funniest people I have ever met! He always knows how to say the right thing at the right time and say something that makes you laugh. One time, my family was invited to a church music fest that Uncle Jim was involved in. Different classes in the school had different types of music you would go and listen to live music being performed in that genre. Uncle Jim played MC for the oldies and classical musicals room he was in. In between songs, he would tell corny jokes and one-liners before introducing the next song. Some of my favorite lines he said that night were: 1) So last night I dreamed I was a muffler. This morning I woke-up exhausted!, 2) My son was complaining that his daughter is spoiled. Katrina said that’s OK, all kids smell like that, and 3) I picked-up a cup, the handle fell off. I opened the door, the door knob came off. I opened a drawer and handle fell off. I was afraid to go to the bathroom!

So in honor of these funny people and their puns or one-liners, I started The Pun Club on Facebook two years ago. Anyone is free to join it and it has grown to have almost a 1,000 members! I get about 2-3 requests a week to join it and have quite a few people that contribute regularly.

Please feel free to join The Pun Club group on Facebook and enjoy the free laughs:

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