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I am experiencing writers block. In a world in which I meet so many people, experience so many experiences, and go through a lot in any given day, you’d think I would have been ready to write my blog today.

I’m not ready. Even worse, I don’t know why and I am not sure what the next couple of paragraphs are going to be about.

What I can share is that many years ago, I had a regular monthly subscription to Men’s Health magazine. Men’s Health is my favorite publication! Unfortunately, at that time, I became very busy in my life and the pile of unread magazines began to grow, thus causing me to have to cancel my subscription. Whenever I travel by plane, I go to the store before I leave and pick-up the newest copy to read at the airport or on the plane because there are so many great things about better health, being a better father and husband, and just general things other men go through everyday.

One time I was reading an article on creativity. The author suggested that if you are ever having a hard time being creative or coming-up with something, to do something different or change the way you do something. For instance, instead of driving home the way you normally do, go a different way. Creatively come-up with a way to get home that is different from your normal routine. If you always eat at a certain time, eat at a different time. You get the idea.

I have practiced this many times in my life and the funny thing is that most of the time I don’t drive a different way or eat at different time because I am lacking creativity. I just like doing things that are different to keep my creativity going. I don’t like to wait until my “Creativity Meter” is down to ZERO before I decide I need to replenish it and get it back to 100. It takes a very active mind to be creative and it requires constant input from exterior influences. It is these little “creative fill-ups” that that help keep my mind active and allow my creative side to really come out.

So today, instead of sharing a prepared work/life experience today, I went off-script in hopes of creating a nice blog for you all to read. It is my hope that my final product is met with your creative satisfaction!


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