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Linked Local Network - Frances Esters - Community VoiceHappy Monday by Frances Esthers

It’s the third Monday of December have you been washing for 1 min? I know you think I’m crazy and I won’t argue that point with you. I tell people daily to do this and 90% look at me and tell me I’m nuts. Those who actually implement this are happy they did. Not only do they see visible results, they actually kinda enjoy the minute to themselves it becomes a meditation of sort.

Why am I so adamant about washing your face you ask? I work with women and men everyday who are looking for ways to look in the mirror and love what they see. They are looking into a multitude of procedures to look and feel younger. Here is the secret for getting the best results …. your at home care MUST be on point. That means washing your face for 1 minute. You can spend as much money as you want on getting injectables, laser procedures or surgery but you will not get the best or lasting results without doing proper at home maintenance.  The foundation of all health starts with little things that add up to a healthy mind, body and soul. Thoroughly cleansing removes debris from your pores, this action alone will help the aging process from speeding up, greatly reduces the chances of blemishes forming, helps with texture and allows your treatments and moisturizers to properly absorb and do their jobs.

Learning the discipline of washing for 1 minute is also a great way to learn how to adapt other small tweaks in your life. If you are among the millions of people to set resolutions for the new year I ask you to instead of setting drastic changes that will be hard to be consistent with, set little benchmark goals. I will wash my face twice a day for 1 minute. I will drink one less soda a day and replace it with water. I will read 10 pages of a book every day. I will start a gratitude journal. I will stop comparing myself to anyone. Little steps add up, little steps become habits, good habits become a healthy mindset, a healthy mindset leads to a happier life, a healthier life. Small habits build your confidence and confidence is what makes dreams come true.

Until next time, Carpe Diem!!!



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