Dan Czuba - Road to Recovery

Is RECOVERY a GIFT to be GIVEN / RECEIVED? Join me – Road to Recovery by Dan Czuba

Wouldnt it be GRAND if Recovery from addictions was really that easy to give or receive? However it isn’t and it does tke a commitment to want ing more out of ones life. And where does this desire come from? Well that is the Topic of this upcoming weeks discussion as we try to share what worked for us and what didnt. During the Holidays we are often straddled with so many expectations for those “Loved ones” around us that we get lost on the path to recovery. What does it take to get and stay SOBER?

Every week during 7 pm and 9 pm – I and my Guests discuss what it took for me / us to get Sober and what we have to do on a daily basis to maintain this place n our lives. There is sooooo much distractions and inticements too always telling us that life would be better with a Drink or a smoke… And are we strong enough to turn away from this kind of trash talk? Hope fully we can and do just that.

Join me every week to get and strengthen our resolve to keep a SOBER LIfe going and develope a full productive life without drugs and alcohol.

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