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I am a parent, a husband, an employee, and a homeowner…just a few of my titles. With each of these comes a lot of responsibilities and things or events to keep track of on a daily basis.

See the picture above? That is a list of things to do today. I am old-fashion and still write my list of the things to do for the day on a post-it note and write it out the night before so I am prepared when I wake-up the next morning. I attach it to my wallet and am constantly reminded of the important things I need to do for the day. As I get things done I cross it out with a pen or pencil.

Everyone has their way of doing things. I get that my way of keeping track of things can easily be replaced with today’s technology. As a matter of fact, I have an app for my iPhone that is a post-it app. It allows me to type things on it and look at that instead of writing it with a pen on a piece of paper. I hardly ever use it. Why? Because a year ago I had a software problem with my phone and had to erase everything on my phone! Although I now have everything backed-up on my iCloud, I always have that fear that if something happens to my phone that I will also lose my list of important things to do for the day.

What’s also funny is that not only do I use post-its for my personal life, I also use them for my work life! I have post-its in my car and at my work desk that I write down important things I need to remember and do. If there is something I need to do for an account, I write a quick note on a post-it and attach it to the file. Then, when I look at the file, I remember what I have to do when I see the post-it. When I am done with the post-its, I crumple them up and throw them in the recycling if possible to make sure as paper they get disposed of properly. In my Sales career, there are a lot of important details I need to keep tract of for customers remembering these little details is what helps me keep or lose customer. There are times where these little pieces of paper have saved my butt!

The bottom line is that I do not have a great short-term memory. There are so many times in my life that I say ” I gotta remember that”, but because I didn’t write it down I forget it. I can not rely on my memory to make sure things get done. If I do that I will never get anything done.

What do you do you to remember things?

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