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Mind, Body and Skin is more than just a slogan. It really is an all encompassing concept of our overall health. You cannot be in optimal health without caring for all areas. If you want a healthy body, you need to feed your body healthy foods, if you want better mental health you need to feed your body healthy foods, and cut out toxic people . If you want healthy skin you can not slather your skin in chemicals. If you want less stress in your life you need to make sure you are guarding your mind from the negativity and chaos of the world and feed your body with healthy foods.

80% of your immunity and 90% of serotonin is made in your digestive system. Healthy living is so much more than weight management.

Sometimes you need to turn off the TV, walk away from the computer and phone and breathe. Take a deep breathe and sigh, let the stress physically leave your body. Grab a piece of paper and write down five things you are grateful for. Write down the names of those who have or do make you feel inspired, happy, loved, creative. Instead of reaching for chips, cookies, and processed foods reach for an apple and put honey or some sort of nut butter on it, or almonds, walnuts or cashews. Drink a big glass of water infused with your favorite fruit or herbs. When you start replacing unhealthy habits you will find that overall  your physical and mental health start to be consistent. Moods swings go away, better sleep sets in, inflammation in your body goes down so you are not feeling achy and sluggish all day. You find yourself not having to reach for that second, third or fourth cup of coffee. I know that the thought of eating an apple is not nearly as enticing as anything sugary or cheesy or fried…. at first. When you cut out processed foods and try to go back, your body will reject it one way or another. You might take that first bite and have everything rush back but odds are in about thirty or forty minutes your body will tell you what it really thinks about that choice. Living a healthy lifestyle does not mean cutting everything you love out. It’s about recognizing bad habits and eliminating them. It’s about doing the real hard work of looking into who you really are and what you have allowed to remain in your life. It’s about identifying how many times in a day you call yourself and idiot, how many times you are negative towards the people you interact with everyday. It’s about learning what makes you happy, what makes you little kid on christmas eve excited. It’s about taking one step at a time. I hate my skin,OK,why do you hate your skin? What can you do to change the issues you have with your skin? Now are you ready to drop excuses and actually follow through with what needs to be done to achieve those results?
This is where everything becomes intertwined. You must mentally make a decision for anything physical to happen. I really want to lose weight. I really need to get more active because my body is achy and everyone of my joints. tendons and ligaments pop and make noise when I try to stand up. I don’t want to feel stuck anymore. I want to go out and share my passion with others. Whatever that little nagging reoccurring tug at you is, it is all possible when you decide to make the decision and follow through with physical action. It can be scary but remember the only difference between fear and excitement is what we expect the outcome to be. Let that sink in. Think of every excuse you come up with to not do anything. It is always because you are looking at the outcome as being bad in some way or fashion. Let’s change that habit right now. Starting right now every time you think of a reason to not do something (unless you genuinely shouldn’t be doing it like jumping off a roof, or scaring your wife on tik tok … you get the gist) I want you to stop. What was that excuse? It was fear based. Turn it around and start thinking of everything that will go right by making that decision. List all the good that will come from making that decision.

Our Mind leads the body in all aspects and when we internalize and implement a lifestyle that does not separate our mind, from our body, from our skin, from our soul you will find that life isn’t so bad. That even though there are pandemics that can come through and turn everything upside down, that we can take those opportunities to better ourselves, so we are leading by example. We all can choose to not let chaos take us over. When you feed yourself  with healthy habits your physical and mental health will not be stressed like those who choose to fill themselves with toxic stuff posing as food, toxic negativity from the media  while waiting for someone to magically make it better.

When nothing is certain, anything is possible. Take your uncertainties write them down. Then make the mental decision to take a physical action to eliminate the fear that uncertainty is causing. Covid 19 is real, but you building your body to be healthy so if the worst case scenario happens your mind, body, skin, soul all of you will be ready.
You can do this. I believe in you. I am here to help you. There are many people in your life that want to help you, so many resources out there, but that means making the decision and then reaching out.


Be well my friends. Until next time … Carpe Diem!!!!!!

PS If you would like to see what I use to keep me on track with Healthy living check out my website at

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