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So much information is flooding every channel right now with Covid 19. I live in California and our county has been on Shelter at home since last Thursday, but now the state is Sheltered at home. My day job was deemed non essential and outside of monitoring social media and email there is  not  much that can be done remotely. This is the plight of tens of thousands of people not only in CA but across the country.

What are you doing during this time at home? Are you catching up on cleaning, the when I have time to do it list, did you bust out the craft projects that have collected dust? What I think most of us our doing is snacking. Comfort food is calling out to help us cope with the conflicting information we are being bombarded with. Maybe some naps in there as well.

Social media has put out the ,see a shot take a shot challenge….sigh …. please don’t do this. Most internet challenges are a bad idea.
Sheltering at home is a challenge for everyone, it is a complete change in lifestyle and schedules. Home schooling, tele commuting, not having to change out of our comfy clothes and pjs. Well the not having to get out of sweats has been awesome. (Laying in bed with my dogs while taking online classes for continued education also has been awesome)

I am here to set a new challenge. During this time I triple dog dare you to really start embracing a healthy lifestyle. If you implement it now in a time of stress how much easier will it be when we get back to life? Everyday I challenge you to replace one soda  (or whatever your sugary drink of choice is) with 20 ounces of water. I challenge you to cook your meals and not microwave them. I challenge you to cut back on your sugar intake. So those cookies you bought, make them last a week instead of one movie on Netflix. I challenge you to go out in sit in your yard for 30 min with no phone, no tablet, no computer. Sit there and take the time to look at the sky, the birds, the trees. Take that time to deep breathe and remind yourself of everything you have to be grateful for. Sit there and journal, take a deep breath and let whatever comes out, come out.  Right now we MUST take care of ourselves mind, body and soul.

As our friend Fred reminded us all Sun Tzu said, “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.” Take this time to do some stretching, to make better choices on how we cook. Grocery stores are starting to be stocked again, so get fresh veggies and try to have 5 colors on your plate. White, beige and brown don’t count as colors. ( ok exception to the rule is Cauliflower) Take this time to spend quality time with your kids. FaceTime old friends and check in our your elderly who are really feeling isolated right now.

Life is what we make of it so turn this time of uncertainty into a time that makes you the best you. Energies beget energies so if you are depressed and stressed you will only attract more to you. On the flip side what is more contagious than laughter!?  If you have kids around you this is your opportunity to teach them how to make the best out of not ideal situations. Teach them life skills because one day they will be teaching their children how to get through a crappy situation. We all have the chance to rise up and be the change this world so desperately needs.

Yes take time to rest but do not lay down and give in to a sedentary life.
It may not be easy to get moving but once you get started you will be so happy you did. Falling into a pit of depression is not a place anyone wants to find themselves or a loved one in.

Stand up stretch your arms above your head and ask yourself what is your opportunity in this chaos? You got this, one step at a time my friends.

Be well, wash your hands, wash your face and breathe.


Until next time, Carpe Diem!


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