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Are you in-limbo with lifework direction? 

Have you outgrown a past dream, know what you don’t want, yet haven’t found a clear and passionate new dream?  

OnPurpose_Combo250If so, this Special Episode of The On Purpose Show is for you. Susyn Reeve and Rikk Hansen will explore this often unacknowledged, and critically important, secret to discovering renewed purpose and passion – the “new fire” that will guide and fuel your next lifework chapter.

As the third episode in our “Perspective on Purpose” Series, instead of interviewing a guest, Susyn and Rikk share perspective from their combined 50+ years working with thousands of clients – while weaving wisdom from recent guests into the conversation.

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In their first Perspective on Purpose episode our co-hosts introduced a simplified “Map” for the transition process (from William Bridges) that included:

1) An Ending,
 2) a “Neutral Zone,” or what Rikk calls the time “Between-Dreams,” and finally, 
3) a New Beginning.

Exploring the Time “Between-Dreams”

In this Perspective on Purpose episode they will delve into the second part of this map: “Between-Dreams” – exploring it in 3 parts.

  • The EXPERIENCE of this important period
  • The critical GIFTS claimed there
  • How to NAVIGATE this uncertain and confusing time


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Susyn and Rikk share compelling conversations with midlife professionals, entrepreneurs, experts, and authors successfully doing work that expresses their purpose & passion. Learn the secrets and resources from their stories and experience to inspire your on-purpose success. 

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