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Week 1 of 2020 ends today, how are you doing? Have you stuck with your resolutions? Have you added new resolutions to your list? Have you tweaked the ones you made? Are you still trying to figure out how to start?

Changing usually is easier said than done. We get into habits that we don’t even know we have. First step is identifying what we want to change and why. If there is not a strong enough why, odds are the change won’t happen.  Why, a little word that holds so much impact for your life. Why is the reason we accomplish or don’t accomplish goals in our life.

Personally I understand how difficult it can be to identify your why. It is easy to see from an intellectual standpoint something that needs to be changed but not always so easy to implement on the emotional side. We grow connected to our habits because they are consistent and give us a feeling of security and comfort. This is where bad habits become destructive. Grabbing comfort food from the same restaurant or shopping because everyone knows your name turns into feeling guilty when you know it’s time to not be there daily. It is human to not want to let people down but we have to get better at understanding that not helping ourselves because our loved ones, friends, family or coworkers is a recipe for stress, frustration, depression. One of the changes that may need to happen for you to be healthier is changing who you are around. If you want to eat healthier but your immediate circle only wants to go out and eat everything deep fried and convenient you may have to say no to going out with them until you get new habits put in place. Maybe you meet up with them after they have eaten to go for a walk or go to a movie instead. The important thing is committing to yourself no matter what. Hopefully you have people in your life that support you and cheer you on but if you don’t your why can pull you through.

Whatever you decide for 2020 my wish for you is that you figure out your why. When you find it you find your power. When you find your power you find your confidence. When you are confident you will achieve your goals. When you achieve your goals your life thrives.

Until next time, Carpe Diem!!!

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